For the digitally evolved marketer, website traffic and social media buzz are not enough -a healthy return on your marketing investment is the ultimate goal.

CommVersion’s leadership team has 15+ years of experience in the digital marketing business – this knowledge has led to a solution that caters to the key challenges that any business owner or marketer faces in today’s competitive digital business environment.

Key Challenges
of Business Owners & Marketers in the Digital Age

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Low Web Leads
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PPC Optimisation 
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Low eMail marketing conversions
We can help with increasing your web leads by 50%. Our clients have seen a surge in their web leads between 30% to 50% within the first month of our service.
If you are not getting enough conversions through your PPC marketing efforts, then your Ad spend budget is not justified. There is disparity between the clicks and conversions. Our Live Chat service helps you fill these gaps and generate more qualified leads, thus optimising your PPC spends. Websites with live chat have seen a minimum of 25% reduction in their cost per lead.
As most digital marketers experience today, consumers tend to bounce off from websites, even with a higher CTR on mails. By implementing Live Chat on a website, users are not required to fill out forms - instead our chat experts engage them in conversations and increase the chances of conversion.
When customers engage with our chat agents they spend a minimum of eight minutes on the page. Our agents point them in the right direction and provide them with the information they need to make a decision, hence reducing the bounce rate.
Websites get a lot of unqualified leads through the most common lead generation tool - web enquiry forms. With CommVersion, we make sure the lead is qualified and we also send you the chat transcript, which will help make your sales teams' cold calls a lot warmer.
Get invaluable insights from our chat engagements. Know exactly what your customers have to say and re-align your marketing strategy accordingly.
High bounce rate
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Non qualified leads
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Website Visitor Insight
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