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Today’s customers are a discerning lot – preferring to take advantage of the  boom in online marketing – they are increasingly turning to browsing on websites to gain more information about a product or service rather than buying upfront. It is precisely this aspect of consumer behaviour that is being leveraged by the concept of live chat.

Live chat is fast emerging as a means of providing instant support to website visitors by addressing their queries, guiding them through the buyer’s journey and encouraging them towards making a purchase decision. It’s one of the newest forms of customer service that connects with website visitors in real time with the aim of converting them into leads and eventually customers.

With cold calling having become passé and even email too slow, given that customers today have short attention spans and are hard pressed for time, businesses prefer being able to establish instant connections with their website visitors. We do this by making available real time messaging chat services on a website, in the form of a widget, with customer service agents in attendance round the clock, waiting to offer assistance and information to  your online audience. Our agents play the role of a virtual sales representative – similar to those assisting customers in an actual showroom.

How live chat works

Sometimes the sheer volume of information and the number of options available online can overwhelm visitors seeking more specific knowledge about how to address a particular problem or deciding on the best product or service to suit their requirements. Failure to find what they are looking for results in these potential buyers leaving the website which in turn leads to the business losing out on a valuable opportunity. Live chat attempts to bridge the gap between the customer and the business by providing on-demand access to customer service when the customer needs it most. It is a way to show concern and add a personal touch to a visitor’s online experience by answering their questions promptly and guiding them efficiently in a way that is friendly and unobtrusive. This helps to establish that all important rapport with the brand and build credibility with potential clients so vital to take customers to the next stage in the buyers’ journey. It can be the edge that sets your business apart from the others by keeping it foremost in the minds of your audience – just a click away from that purchase decision.

Why live chat can make a difference

  1. It is the faster alternative to email but essentially having the same features like a professional tone, access to relevant information and authentic interaction with a company representative with full knowledge of the service or product on offer.
  2. It addresses queries and provides solutions as promptly as a telephone call with the customer enjoying the ability to multitask while communicating with the virtual sales representative. It is therefore more unobtrusive than a phone call and the communication can flow at a pace directed by the potential buyer.
  3. Live chat breaks down language barriers with companies making available agents from across the globe enabling them to connect with visitors speaking almost any language.
  4. Live chat is supported by a robust software that has at its disposal a variety of tools and resources to address customer queries and troubleshoot problems as smoothly as they would over a phone call.
  5. Live chat is the perfect compliment to the other more traditional methods of customer service and if used smartly and effectively can significantly improve conversion rates for online businesses.

The main objective of having an online presence is to generate leads and live chat is proving as the best way to achieve just that. We at can provide your website with 24/7 customer support in the form of trained professionals who can convert up to 40% of all  chats to qualified leads. What’s more we even offer free continuous assistance to existing customers by troubleshooting their problems in real time, making them feel valued and looked after.

Live chat, simply put, is going that extra mile for the visitors on your website and guaranteeing them of your attention and concern, 24×7. It is an investment that is sure to generate measurable results that will propel your business to the next level.

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