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A robust marketing strategy and top notch customer service are key ingredients to lasting success for any business. As customer service keeps evolving to keep pace with modern trends, no business website can afford to miss out on its most modern avatar/form – live chat. For auto dealers, making available an efficient live chat service may well prove to be the decisive factor in turning casual website visitors into valuable leads.

Here are the top reasons why auto dealers should give setting up live chat software a serious thought.

Making a positive first impression

The first step towards buying a vehicle usually begins with online research. Empowering your audience with relevant information in real time can not only help them make an informed choice but also enable a rapport of trust and credibility between the buyer and the seller. That is where live chat can play a valuable role – that of a friend and facilitator who can usher the visitor from the website into your showroom.

Live chat acts as the first point of contact where casual visitors can resolve some basic queries and can then be encouraged to progress to the next stage of the buyer’s journey – interest.

Providing practical support like booking test-drives

Live chat agents can also assist with practical tasks like setting up appointments for test drives or car services. This makes it extremely convenient for potential clients as they are spared the hassle of making a phone call where the wait times can be annoyingly long. This prompt and efficient interaction paves the way to continued trust in your dealership.

Ability to offer multi-lingual customer support

Live chat for auto dealer is all the more crucial as it is an effective way to communicate with a worldwide audience in a language they are most comfortable with. Making available a first point of contact in their preferred language in real time would definitely help in breaking the ice and opening the doors to welcome your target audience into your showroom.  It also adds that all-important personal touch as it actively demonstrates to customers that you have gone the extra mile to address their queries and provide a customised solution.

Boosts conversion opportunities

It’s now a known fact that getting traffic to your website does not guarantee conversions. The challenge is sustaining that traffic and turning them into qualified leads. An efficiently managed live chat for automobile dealerships can increase engagement with website visitors by offering timely advice and expert suggestions specific to individual needs. This would translate into enhanced levels of trust and interest on the part of the visitors, encouraging them to move the interaction towards a deal, finally culminating the same in a sale.

Works in sync with your marketing strategies

Live chat can be the bridge between your offline and online marketing initiatives. It is no longer a strategy to be used in isolation, separate from your primary marketing strategy. Rather, if it is used in collaboration with your advertising objectives, it may give you results you never imagined possible. Your live chat agents can actively promote your marketing campaigns by making website visitors aware of any special deals that they can take advantage of. This can steer them away from your competition and lead to greater footfalls into your dealership.

Gets you ahead of your competition

It’s all about making your website visitors feel valued and what better way to do it than to provide personalised, resourceful 24/7 support in the form of live chat? Understanding individual needs and offering a tailor-made solution, or simply making your audience aware of the unique service possibilities available at your automobile showroom can successfully strike a chord with them, thus making you their favoured dealership above all the others.

So don’t wait a moment longer to reap the multiple benefits of live chat. Get in touch with us at CommVersion today and we can help you set up this amazing tool that could be your ticket to greater lead generation and higher conversion!