Shobhit Patil

Remember the times when customers would dial into customer support and listen to music for at least 15-20 minutes before someone addressed their call? Not only was this frustrating for the customer but it also proved to be problematic for businesses trying to improve customer experience. The research is clear on one thing – customers no longer base their loyalty on price or product quality alone, the experience they receive plays an equally important role. Additionally, with the rise in technology, cross-device shopping has seen a boom which has made it challenging for businesses to provide seamless customer support consistently. Fortunately, Chatbots have solved this issue in a huge way! Since Chatbots can be enabled on any device they address customer concerns in real-time without delays.

There is no doubt that Chatbots can be hugely beneficial to almost any kind of business, however, there are certain industries that are likely to be revolutionized by the capabilities of Chatbot technology.

Here is a list of 5 industries we believe can achieve the best possible results by implementing the Chatbot technology on their website:

1.E-commerce Businesses: Helping Customers Make Purchase Decisions

One of the biggest advantages of Chatbots for e-commerce businesses is their ability to guide customers in their purchase decisions. It is not uncommon for customers to get ‘lost’ when browsing through hundreds or thousands of products and this is where a Chatbot can help them land on the right page or help them obtain more detailed information about a particular product.

In addition, Chatbots also help to reduce cart abandonment as they can remind customers of items left in their cart and ask them if they would like to purchase the items or update their cart. This usually nudges customers to revisit their cart and make a purchase decision thus helping a business generate revenue with minimum effort.

Chatbot technology also plays an important role in providing quicker and more reliable customer support as well as keeping customers up to date about the delivery status of their purchases.

2. Hospitality Industry: Taking Customer Service to the next level

It is safe to say that the success of the hospitality industry is hugely dependent on excellent customer service and in our technologically-driven times, providing customer service digitally is just as important. Chatbots have a massive role to play here by helping customers make bookings, get additional information about travel packages or hotel services and inquire about deals and discounts.

Chatbots can assist with everything from check-in to a number of concierge services such as booking restaurants and activity reservations – most of these services are currently being handled by human customer service staff in hotels.

3. Real Estate: Redefining the property market game

Each customer that comes onto a real estate website has a unique set of requirements and in all likelihood, customers are not looking for the same type of property or apartment. Chatbots offer the real estate industry the ability to provide the customer exactly the information they are seeking by interacting with the visitor via a series of predetermined questions and offering relevant information.

This is largely in contrast to the traditional method of collecting data via offline or online forms which often seem tedious even to the most interested customers. Even if a potential lead fills out a form the process is passive and they are not receiving any relevant information thus prompting them to look elsewhere until an agent gets back to them.

But you might still wonder what kind of information a Chatbot can collect and how this is more valuable than a real estate agent talking to the customer directly. Firstly, Chatbots can quickly ask some preliminary questions to identify the customer’s specific requirement and then lead them to the right property page without delays. The Chatbot also obtains all necessary contact details ensuring that follow-ups are easy and hassle-free. Thanks to the nature of Chatbot technology customers are engaged in real-time thus enabling them to make decisions more quickly and effectively, in turn saving your business time and money.

4. Banking and Financial industry: Helping Customers with simple transactions

Chatbots are set to revolutionize the banking and finance sector in a big way. Given the transactional nature of banking activities, Chatbots are an ideal addition to any bank or financial institution that wants to service customers inclined towards digital interactions.

Chatbots can help users with things like checking their account balance, transferring money to other accounts, viewing the history of transactions or locating nearby ATMs. Additionally, banks are also using Chatbots for marketing activities like sending customised information about a customer’s savings, investments etc. or relaying information about new products or services.

5. Healthcare Industry: Providing assistance round the clock

Healthcare institutions have a lot to benefit from Chatbot technology; from booking appointments to sending medical information or refilling a prescription Chatbots offer a host of uses to health care providers. One way in which they prove to be really beneficial is by providing medical assistance to patients round the clock. Chatbots can help patients to remember to take their medicine and monitor their health status.

For patients, one of the main advantages of Chatbots is their ability to help them book an appointment based on their ailment or health condition. Visiting the website of a multispecialty hospital can be daunting and sifting through several specialities and hundreds of doctors can be confusing. A Chatbot simplifies this process by asking the patient a set of questions which helps them determine which doctor and department would be the right fit. Patients no longer have to rely on phone calls or long waits to meet with doctors. A quick and easy interaction with a bot helps them get the assistance they need in real time.

If you’re not sure if the Chatbot Technology is right for your business, get in touch with us and one of our experts will talk you through it.