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Initiated back in February, the COVID-19 Lockdown rendered many businesses dysfunctional. In the face of such adversity, many had to succumb to the setbacks and shut down due to the inability to function in a newly emerging system that eliminated the possibility of face to face interactions, consultations, and more.

Tonic Weight Loss Surgery is a specialist weight loss center offering a wide range of Weight Loss Surgery procedures performed by leading Bariatric Surgeons. Due to the emergence of COVID-19, and in the process of helping with the situation, there were hindrances in their day to day business functioning. Tonic Weight Loss had to give up the private bed space to the NHS and hence cancel most of their operations too. 



Tonic Weight Loss Surgery increases their web leads by 187% in the current COVID-19 Pandemic

But with their ability to adapt, and with the help of CommVersion, Tonic Weight Loss took control of the functioning of their business during the lockdown period, which resulted in great success. As the implications of the COVID situation intensified, the understanding of it also increased. A study by Frederick K Ho and, Carlos A Celis-Morales on the risk factors for COVID-19 has shown that the fatality from COVID-19 increased by 34% among obese individuals, as obesity can alter the immune system and diminish lung functioning. Tonic Weight Loss Surgery started operating from COVID free hospitals and COVID free wards, so the safety of their patients remains paramount, as weight loss surgery could very much factor in the process of saving lives during the pandemic.  Tonic Weight Loss Surgery partnered with CommVersion back in 2018. CommVersion engaged with their website visitors to provide them with relevant information about the various weight loss surgeries that Tonic Weight Loss offered and generate leads for the business.  Understanding the psychological and mental struggles of their patients, Tonic Weight Loss Surgery was already offering virtual consultations with their surgeons, as coming to the clinic is a huge worry for patients and not everyone is comfortable in doing so. Being able to speak to a surgeon first is reassuring. As the implications of the pandemic settled in, it became more likely that people would avoid leaving their homes unless absolutely necessary. The new normal required everything from communication to customer interaction to become completely virtual. With the objective to further enhance this virtual experience for the customers, CommVersion factored in the aspect of constant communication with the inbound traffic on their website.  Due to the pandemic, the website traffic increased, along with the set of enquiries that potential customers made about the surgeries during the pandemic. CommVersion was well prepared to help website visitors and answer all their queries by providing relevant information related to the procedures Tonic Weight Loss Surgery was providing.


CommVersion’s data shows that Tonic Weight Loss Surgery did significantly well during the pandemic.

Four months before the lockdown period, Tonic Weight Loss generated 320 leads. CommVersion helped TONIC Weight Loss successfully increase the average conversion rate from 55% from November to February 2020, to 61% during the lockdown period. Along with the 6% increase in conversion rate Tonic Weight Loss Surgery also saw a much substantial surge in their number of leads generated from their inbound traffic with the help of CommVersion. With a rise in website traffic from March to June 2020, the number of chats taken by CommVersion also increased remarkably. A rise in the number of chats could lead to deteriorating customer satisfaction due to various factors, however, this did not, in any way, affect the quality of the TONIC's customer service During the pandemic, with the help of CommVersion 920 leads were generated. This increased the number of leads generated by an exceptional whole of 187% during the lockdown period. In comparison to the previous year, Tonic Weight Loss Surgery generated 85% more leads, during the same duration. CommVersion’s personalized human conversation with Tonic Weight Loss Surgery’s website visitors resulted not only in exceptional lead generation as seen above but also in an increase in the average CSAT score. Despite the rise in the number of customer queries, CommVersion had a great response time and the team was well prepared with the information about TONIC’s surgeries and procedures during the pandemic. This increased the average CSAT score that was 91% before the lockdown to 97% during the lockdown.


What Tonic Weight Loss Surgery had to say about CommVersion

"CommVersion has been exceptional. The team that speaks to the patients online is very experienced now and understands how to relate to the patient that is enquiring about our services on the website. They give that personal one to one approach not treating them as just a number calling." By being available for their website audience at all times, with the help of CommVersion, Tonic Weight Loss not only kept the communication with their clientele intact but also generated more leads during the lockdown period. Want to generate more leads from your inbound website traffic for your business? Book a demo with CommVersion here or contact us by emailing us on