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Digital revolution has made people accustomed to searching online before making any decision – and job search is no exception. Job seekers now have access not only to job postings but also employer to organisational culture, employer reviews, company social media platforms and more… almost everything at the click of a button. The digital disruption has granted them the liberty to know about every company within seconds.

Likewise, the way companies recruit candidates has undergone significant changes. It has never been easier to post jobs and reach out to talented candidates – with the help of a wide range of nifty recruitment tools. With such cost-effective and easily available options, the recruitment industry is spoilt for choices.

Despite being quick and convenient, online recruitment endangers the ability of recruiters to connect and engage with potential candidates.

Challenges of recruiters today

The ease of pursuing active as well passive candidates creates abundant applications for the employer. However, not many applications are qualified enough for that job position. This results in recruiters spending their precious time sorting through irrelevant resumes.

Likewise, a resume with the right credentials doesn’t mean that they are the right candidate for the job. Online recruitment fails to assess this suitability, which can be determined if recruiters get the opportunity to interact with them.

Challenges faced by TalentSpa

TalentSpa is UK’s leading online recruitment specialist, meeting the demand for talent needs across different industries and specialises in:

  • Fixed fee recruitment
  • Inbound recruitment
  • Online recruitment
  • Staffing solutions
  • Targeted recruitment
  • Managed services recruitment
  • Low cost recruitment

Until recently, they were faced with the issue of increasing the number of web leads generated via their website and, correspondingly, enhancing their conversion rate. “We were worried we were missing potential clients visiting the site outside of office hours,” Thomas Clegg, Managing Director. The solution? They integrated a 24*7 Live Chat service on their website to interact with visitors outside of office hours.

Due to the high level of qualified chat leads provided by CommVersion Live Chat support, TalentSpa saw a 25% increase in new business, a 40% increase in the number of web leads, and managed to convert 75% chat leads into sales. “We have seen a significant increase in not only new business but also existing client engagement. (Likewise,) the quality of web leads has become better. It also helps that you get the full chat transcript so you generally know what the client wants before you call them.”

“Live Chat has helped us make meaningful online connections and assist businesses in finding the right talent. We can now engage with web visitors 24*7 and grab every potential lead. CommVersion provides an exceptional service and it has been great working with them!”

Engage, enhance, evaluate quicker with Live Chat

The fast paced recruitment industry is always on a lookout for that next game-changing technology that will help them outsmart their competitors. Have you embraced Live Chat for your business yet?