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CommVersion author

At CommVersion, we are already helping over two hundred businesses improve their online return on investment with our live chat services. We achieve this by converting up to fifty percent of live chats with website visitors into hot leads.

Now, with Instant Connect, customers can transform the way they prospect a qualified lead by closing the communication gap and connecting qualified leads with their phone-based sales team, instantly increasing the chances of conversion.

How does it work?

Instant Connect combines the speed of live chat with the personal touch of an instant phone call. One of our experienced live chat operators will have an initial conversation with a prospect on chat, understanding their requirements. Once a prospect has shown interest in the product or service, our live chat agents then ask if they would like to get on a call with the sales team of the company. Upon receiving positive confirmation from the prospect, the live chat agent connects the call to the sales team.

What are the benefits?

Instant Connect provides the opportunity to quickly engage with interested customers by connecting them to the appropriate telesales representative via a phone call. This means they receive one-on-one attention within seconds from showing interest, thus leading to increased conversions.

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, companies who contacted incoming leads within an hour were seven times more likely to qualify them. Furthermore, calling new leads within 60 seconds improves conversion rates by 391%. With Instant Connect the wait time is even less, as visitors are already connected via live chat and can be instantly transferred to a sales agent.

How can it help scale your business?

1. Closes Communication Gaps – Further educate your qualified lead about your product or service by talking to them at the exact point they are considering your business. This narrows down any communication gap between you and the prospect.

2. Enhances Decision-making – By integrating a telecall while a prospect is already engaged via live chat, you subtly encourage the lead to make a decision in favour of your business.

3. Saves Time – Do not leave your qualified leads sitting in your CRM only to be contacted at a later date. Connect with the engaged lead and encourage their chances of converting.

4. Ease of Operations – Instant Connect does all the hard work, removing the need for your sales team to make an average of 10-14 calls to connect with prequalified leads. Now, the connection is ready and waiting, connecting your telesales team with a qualified lead in just one phone call.

If you would like to experience how Instant Connect can boost your inbound sales conversions, contact us today for a no-obligation 14-day FREE trial. There are no setup fees to pay and you will not be charged for any of the qualified leads that are generated during the 14-day FREE trial period.