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The real estate industry has seen quite a roller-coaster ride through 2017. The realty market today is indeed a clutter and the only way to survive and sustain yourself as a pro is to stand out. How? The right digital strategy and apt marketing tools are the answers. This is where the concept of a landing page does wonders and it is becoming the most crucial marketing tool for realtors.

What is a Real Estate Landing Page anyway?

For those unaware or new entrants in the industry, a real estate landing page, also known as a ‘squeeze page’, is the first step to connect with your audience. And, with most lead generation happening across digital platforms, it has become essential for real estate companies to use landing pages as the primary tool for communication and contact with the home buyer.

Landing pages are generally single pages on your website, where your target audience lands from the social ads. The whole and sole objective of the landing page is to capture data of your site visitors.

Think of this as your resume, where you share important information about yourself in the most comprehensive and sellable manner. How convincing and appealing your resume looks, will determine if the recruiter will call you or not. Similarly, your landing page determines whether your site visitors will remain on the page and leave their contact information.

The landing page is also an opportunity to provide comprehensive information about the property to your visitors. This is where the question arises – how should your landing page look? Because real estate landing pages have a clear objective of lead generation (primarily), they tend to be concise, direct and not to forget, immensely attractive. That is why the pressing need today is to create optimised and workable landing pages that catch attention.

Real Estate landing pages that work

To make your landing page effective, ensure that it has the following features:

  • It should be informative enough so your visitor gets all the information in one go, without having to leave that page.
  • The page must have a clear headline that highlights your USP or your product.
  • Your site must be responsive to cater to the always-on and ‘omnipresent’ millennial customer.
  • The CTA (call-to-action) must be clear, highlighted and visible to your visitor.
  • Your landing page should not have any point of exit; i.e. any external link or a reason for the visitor to leave the page.
  • The content of your landing page must be short, simple and speak directly to your audience. Using statistics, timing and action words can help create more powerful content.
  • The design must sync with your product and your audience, and consist of more photos and visuals. Use readily available templates that are made for specific properties, rather than inventing an entirely new design that might or might not work as per trends.

Landing pages for different property types

When it comes to creating the best marketing collateral, the concept of ‘one size fits all’ does not apply. Just like the property itself, the landing page for each must be unique, showcasing the best features of the property. For example, to promote a single property (like an apartment building), the landing page needs to talk about the neighborhood, space and the key amenities that the apartment has.

On the other hand, for a township property or a residential community, the focus of the landing page should be on the living experience that home owners can look forward to. Similarly, the landing page of a penthouse should primarily talk about the luxury aspect of the property and the indulgence factor that a buyer seeks. Based on the target audience and features of each property, their landing page designs would also vary.

Based on the property type, here’s top 5 real estate landing page designs, which can become your ultimate guide for 2018.

1. For Single Property

This is a landing page for a contemporary apartment building/townhome, catering to the upscale, urban home buyer.

Real Estate Landing Pages 2018

Why this works:

With a short and comprehensive layout, this landing page gives quick information about the loft. The colours of the page are in sync with the brand logo, and the CTA button stands out in black. Using a real image of the property instead of stock photos adds more weight. Linear designs and a comprehensive layout makes it apt for the new age home buyer.

2. For condos

A landing page of a condo property with visual appeal and crisp copy.

Real Estate Landing Pages 2018
Real Estate Landing Pages 2018

Why this works:

This real estate landing page uses catchy taglines and the most commonly used phrases in the right places. The site details all the important information about the property – interiors, photos, location map, etc. The highlight of this landing page is that once the visitor starts the tour of the property, the lead capture form opens up.


3. For Commercial Property

This is the landing page for a property listing site, featuring customised listings for buyers of commercial spaces.

Real Estate Landing Pages 2018


Why this works:

Though it’s a listing site, the page still manages to capture the essence of a commercial realty space, with the right kind of visuals and to-the-point copy.


4. For Luxury Estate/Penthouse

A landing page for a luxurious beach estate which highlights the ambience and amenities of the property.

Real Estate Landing Pages 2018Real Estate Landing Pages 2018

Why this works:

Luxury speaks for itself. So the focus of this landing page is on the appealing and powerful visuals that exude elegance. Even the language used speaks of elitism. When it comes to lead capture, the form pops up right when the visitor is intrigued to take a virtual tour.


5. For Residential Community/Township

A landing page for a residential township/community which focuses on the neighborhood and nature.

Real Estate Landing Pages 2018

Why this works:

Landing pages for a township cannot speak of an individual property but the community as a whole. This template uses the right content in terms of bright visuals, a simple layout and a catchy headline that speaks directly to home buyers who are seeking a new environment to live in.


When Live Chat meets lead generation

When it comes to creating a great real estate campaign, nothing works better than an impactful landing page. Now, imagine adding that X-factor to your landing page to ensure that your visitors never leave the page. That is where live chat comes to the rescue. Providing on-page interaction with your page visitor 24/7, chat agents make double sure that the prospective home buyer is well catered to. By guiding them throughout their stay on your landing page, live chat helps increase lead generation by up to 50%.

If you are looking at maximising leads from your landing page, then learn more about Live Chat by talking to our experts today!