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Dedicated Team 24x7


Here's a list of questions to help you understand what we do

What constitutes a “Lead”?

We consider a lead as someone who has answered our qualifying questions (e.g. location, budget, time-frame, etc.) and provided their name, email and or phone number.

How do agents answer specific questions about my business?

Before any agent is assigned to a client, they are required to have an in-depth understanding of the client’s business. In addition, they have back-end FAQ & chat matrix systems, to assist them in providing excellent support.

How do I cancel my account?

All clients have the right to request termination of services by providing 30 Days' notice in writing. In all cases the removal of the live chat code is the sole responsibility of the client.

How am I billed for leads?

We will invoice you on the first day of the following month in which your services were performed. So, all leads delivered to you in the current month would not be charged until the following month.

Who gets the notification of leads and how?

We believe leads are only hot when they are fresh! Lead will be sent to your registered email ID within 60 minutes of the lead generated.

How do I install the chat on my website?

It’s very easy and only takes a couple of minutes. You have to add two extra lines of codes and we can provide this code to your web development team or we can assist you. All we will need from you is your FTP details.