Designation:              Chat Operator

Experience:                 3-5 Years

Location:                      Bandra (W), Mumbai


Candidate and job summary

The Chat Operator must write fluent English. Candidates should be able to demonstrate an ability to effectively engage and interact with online customers in a variety of different situations and varying industries.

The operators should be able to deliver a high quality, accurate and consistent live chat experience using established engagement scripts and canned answers, but should also be able to think on their feet when chat visitors go off script.

Candidates should also be able to write and deliver accurate and precise leads that fully reflect the nature of the chat.


Key responsibilities

  • Effectively engaging with chat visitors, often several at a time and under pressure during peak periods;
  • Learning new knowledge banks and understanding the nature of new clients and their products or services;
  • Learning and following established key operator questions and scripts;
  • Writing leads within a set timeframe and including appropriate and correct pieces of information;
  • Sending leads to the correct client, email address and with the correct transcript.



  • Understanding live chat and experience with live chat platforms;
  • Demonstrable ability to understand and respond appropriately to off-message user questions;
  • Team player who loves working collaboratively in an innovative, fast-growing & challenging environment.
  • “Never say can’t” attitude that helps CommVersion consolidate its market-leading position.