Turn more of your website traffic into billable clients

CommVersion Live Chat can help your firm instantly connect with visitors to your website, convert chats into actual opportunities while delivering a reassuring experience.

    Generate more opportunities from your existing traffic

    Your potential clients are browsing through your website right now, wondering if your firm can help. They may have questions that need immediate answers, but since no one is available, they click off your site and you miss out on a potential client. With CommVersion Live Chat, someone is there 24/7 to give your prospects the attention they deserve. What does that mean? More prospective clients, better experience and more time for you to do what you do best - Provide Legal Advice.

    Get Legal Help from The Right Team

    It's important that you have a trusting relationship with the people you will represent from day one. A team of highly trained operators ensures your first client contact is always professional and courteous. Whatever be your practice - personal injury, bankruptcy, family law, criminal defence or corporate law, we qualify potential leads who are seeking legal advice and assistance, and then pass on their information to lawyers at your firm.

    Increase ROI from your marketing spend

    Does getting more potential clients mean spending more? The answer is clean and simple - No. Having CommVersion Live Chat on your website allows you to engage visitors on your website who would have left otherwise. CommVersion can also reduce the time needed for client intake by providing relevant information ahead of time, so your initial consultation is pointed and productive.

    Provide Round-the-Clock Support

    Some people do their research during business hours, but many don't. The choice many prospects make between you and your competitor comes down to availability - who can connect them to the right team right now. With CommVersion, prospects engage in website chat, get timely information and are more likely to become your client.

    Turn today's visitors into tomorrow's clients with CommVersion

    Integrate with the tools you're already using

    Become more efficient by automatically importing a visitor's contact details into your firm's database.

    All the features you need to convert more visitors into clients

    Instant connect

    Directly connect your potential client with your associate over a phone call while chatting with one of our chat agents.

    Tailored experiences

    Personalise conversations for each visitor - one experience for new visitors and another for returning visitors.

    Simple to use dashboard

    All your insight data and lead history in one easy-to-navigate dashboard.

    Pay-for-performance pricing

    Get your money's worth. Pay only for qualified leads.

    Turn today's visitors into tomorrow's clients with CommVersion