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24x7 Managed Live Chat Service For The Events and Hospitality Industry

Live chat service provider in UK

Increase booking conversions on your website

Help provide information to potential guests about recreational facilities

Give adequate information regarding banquet bookings

Address queries related to room bookings

Impart information about current promotional offers

Add a personal touch to your customer communication

Provisions for on the spot deals for bookings through "Chat-Exclusive"

Customer Success Stories

  • The BABC Northern California loves the service provided by CommVersion! Approximately 46% of our website’s monthly traffic are new visitors. Since we installed CommVersion on our website in September 2017, we have been able to engage over 50 visitors to our website that otherwise we may not have heard from. The service has enabled us to help our new visitors with their general inquiries (pay it forward!) but has also generated $4,000 in new memberships and event sponsorships combined, not to mention a nice pipeline of potential new members. Some of our existing members also use the chat service to get their questions answered which is a great opportunity for our office to engage with them and ensure member value delivered. We have been recommending CommVersion to our membership and to any business who sees the value in realizing leads from their website.

    Jo Healey


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