We know the age-old divide between sales and marketing. Are leads qualified enough? Are sales converting leads that marketing brings in? It’s a continual struggle to see where the gaps are and manage who should be filling them. The easiest way to settle that debate, of course, is a consistent flow of qualified leads coming through to your sales team. 

Adding live chat to your website has already been proven to harness greater success than the hopeful addition of a contact form, and it’s now being used by leading B2B and B2C businesses globally. The world of live chat may seem a little off-putting – artificial intelligence alone has a limited impact on website conversion rate, and we have all experienced the pain of broken feedback loops where conversations with bots go in circles.

It’s here where the work of CommVersion begins. Harnessing the combined power of human chat and Smart Targeting can quickly and easily accelerate website conversion whilst delivering the user experience today’s consumers expect.

The key to this targeted process is simple. The more insight you have as to the intent and stage of the buying journey of a given website visitor, the more effectively you can identify high-value prospects, engage with them in real-time with messages that will resonate and guide them towards conversion. No longer are high-value visitors just anonymous web traffic. Instead, they become VIP guests, assisted on a guided tour towards the goal of sales qualified lead or website conversion.


How does this targeting increase web leads?

We’ve been working with Galliard Homes, London’s largest privately-owned residential property developer, with the addition of CommVersion to their website. The install saw them enjoy a 20% increase in leads on their site, achieved within the first three months of their upgrade.

The secret behind the success for Galliard, and many other leading developers globally, comes from an intense analysis of their web traffic before going live with our data-led solution. This will typically include an understanding of patterns of user behaviour – such as entry points, pages visited and a review of the range of details typically submitted through lead enquiry forms. We’ll take this data, review, and create a bespoke program for our customer, with numbers to help us prove that we know exactly when a strong lead is most likely to be ready to begin a conversation. By engaging prospects with the right message at the right stage of their on-site journey, high-value prospects that may otherwise churn are converted to context rich leads, and passed immediately to the sales team.

But how do you remain authentic?

It’s not just the right timing that is important to ensure you are engaging customers when they are browsing your site. If the words don’t align with your brand, it will always mean lost potential. A bespoke comms strategy from CommVersion means saying the right thing, just when your customer needs to hear it. It’s all about the right tone of voice for your brand, plus the use of short, snappy conversation that doesn’t detract from what the customer wants – answers to their questions, or the ability to move their sales process forward should they choose. No fluff, just help as they require it. When done effectively, chat services on websites become virtual assistants, there to aid a consumer and guide them expertly around your site and most importantly, towards the outcome that you desire.

What do increased web leads look like in reality?

Sure, you can increase your web leads with a multitude of improvements to your marketing strategy. From your SEO to social campaigns, you’re always trying to get more traffic, and more traffic means more leads, right? But it’s about quality, as well as quantity. 

For Galliard Homes, success took many forms, but start with the obvious. Over the course of three months, CommVersion’s solution led to a 20% uplift in leads on their website, delivering more than 300 additional leads each month. No sales team is displeased at this kind of uplift.

The benefits noted by the team were also the quality of the leads received. These new leads had a higher rate of conversion, helped by the essential information that CommVersion’s solution was able to extract, whilst engaging in conversation. A more personalised service, with exact requirement follow-ups delivered to the sales team, meant a more engaging callback conversation, with most information required to close a deal already at the sales teams fingertips.

This wasn’t at the expense of existing leads coming through the pre-existing web-enquiry forms, either. We’ve seen from analysing our customer data, when a web visitor wants to leave their details immediately via a contact form, they will. Instead, here, it’s picking up those with genuine interest on the information on your pages, but requiring that speed of service nudge that our solution provides.

Satisfied customers.

None of this matters if you are not providing a level of service as expected of your brand to your customers. With Galliard Homes, over 95% of customers were pleased with the on-site service they received after the installation of CommVersion – a significant uplift on equivalent satisfaction scores achieved by businesses with an in-house human live chat team. So you may feel that you’re losing a direct connection with your customers, but actually what you’re gaining is a friendly, efficient and incredibly smart addition to your conversion toolkit.

Interested in how CommVersion could accelerate your lead-generation strategy? Get in touch with our team and we’ll arrange a convenient time to explain how we can guarantee a cost-effective boost to your sales in 2022.