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With 97% of global consumers saying customer service is important in their choice of a brand, businesses must work meticulously towards providing a consistently flawless service if they want to win and retain customers.

Studies also show that customers whose queries are solved quickly and easily, are more likely to become loyal over time. These can be via phone, email, social media and, more recently, live chat. Furthermore, as live chat has overtaken other options as the most preferred channel for customer communication, ensuring that your business has the infrastructure and capacity to handle increasing numbers of inbound enquiries to a high standard can be vital to continued success.

However, simply implementing live chat software on your website does not alone mean you have your customers’ needs covered. Will you have someone available 24/7 to answer their inbound enquiries? Many websites today claim to have live chat available on their website, yet when customers choose to engage in chats during the evening and at weekends, for example, they are often met with an ‘offline’ status and subsequently redirected to an enquiry form or the website’s FAQs section.

To help fill this ‘offline’ gap, many businesses are turning to a managed outsourced live chat service to help upscale their customer service offering. In a managed outsourced live chat service, agents are available 24/7 on your websites. Customers can take up real chats with real people and have their queries answered at any time of day. This is something that many in-house live chat teams simply cannot do.

Below we outline some of the ways outsourcing live chat can help to improve the overall customer service experience.

Specialised expertise

Implementing outsourced managed live chat services means you will benefit from live chat agents who fully understand the customer service process. They will know how to engage with your online visitors and how to help them with their queries providing them with the most updated information available on your website. Specialised live chat agents also gather useful information from customers who are willing to buy from your website, generating qualified leads for you.

Round the clock support

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of working with an outsourced live chat service is that their chat agents work in shifts and are thus available to support your customers at all hours. Having an agency that can provide chat support at any time of the day or night means that your website and customers get the attention they deserve, and the quality of customer care remains consistent, regardless of the time zone your customers are in. It also ensures that there are no missed opportunities and dissatisfied visitors.


An outsourced Live Chat company not only provides 24/7 support, but live chat agents are also equipped to handle 3 chats at a time. During peak hours or seasonal fluctuations, additional live chat agents can come online to ensure that there is guaranteed flexibility in terms of handling customers as inbound enquiries increase and busier periods command more agents.

An Instant Talent Pool

By outsourcing live chat you get to leverage the services of a qualified, experienced and dedicated team. Quality control managers ensure that the support being provided is nothing but the best, removing the headache and cost of having to interview and recruit your own in-house agents.

Lead Support and CSAT Analysis

Another major advantage of using outsourced managed live chat services is that you are provided with monthly reports showing a breakdown of the performance of the support team as well as a detailed analysis of customer trends and behaviours. These metrics give valuable insight into what is working and what needs to be amended regarding your customer service strategy. Similarly, the insights provided by an outsourced Live Chat service can indicate which services are high in demand and which ones might need to be tweaked to meet customer expectations.

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