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Live Chat software is the ideal solution to take your Insurance Company to the next level and improve customer service like never before. With Live Chat functionality on your Insurance website, you can immediately guide website visitors and assist them with queries, take their contact details and walk them through the buying process step-by-step while providing quick quotes about policies. Whether you’re looking for improved customer service or more sales leads, a managed Live Chat agency with expertise in insurance can help you with both!

For Insurance Companies looking to partner with a managed Live Chat service provider, here are some benefits to consider:

Managed Live Chat Helps To Improve Conversions on an Insurance agency website in the past, customers seeking insurance related information from Insurance companies had to rely on tele-callers getting all their queries answered over a phone call. This made it difficult for both, old and new customers to understand instructions for new technologies and operations.

Customers had to endure lengthy question and answer sessions with a call centre agent while not getting clarity on their issues. Also, there’s no denying that a single mistake on an insurance form can have serious repercussions on the validity of the insurance policy a customer selects. And often, this can happen when call centre customer agents are collecting information over the phone – this not only frustrates customers but reduces the chances of converting leads or building a loyal customer base.

Fortunately, managed Live Chat for insurance agencies has the capability to address all these inconsistencies by collecting information right at the start of the chat conversation – including the visitors’ name, email address and questions or inquiries. Chat agents are equipped to answer questions about the terms and conditions of a particular insurance policy and provide details about different policies instantly. The efficiency of the Live Chat process not only makes prospects feel valued, but it also helps build a company’s credibility ultimately leading to increased conversions on the website.  

Live Chat Service on Insurance Agency Websites helps prospects make quicker buying decisions.

Live Chat offers a real-time visitor monitoring functionality which allows chat agents to identify website visitors who might need assistance as they are looking at policies on your site. This ensures that prospects get help while they are trying to make purchase decisions or understand the specifics of a particular insurance policy.

The unique thing about this functionality is that the agents can determine exactly where visitors are on the website which enables them to provide advice without the prospect having to go into the details of their query. This makes prospects feel welcomed and as though they are sitting across the desk from you in person – ensuring that they get the best service possible.  Thus, chat agents play an important role in ensuring that prospects make the right decisions about which policies to purchase.

Traditionally, brick and mortar stores had a major advantage in customer service as compared to online stores or web services, but over time, with digitisation taking over, that advantage is diminishing, especially as technologies like Live Chat are becoming more popular and reliable.

This is also very true for Insurance Companies whose websites serve as a major hub for customers to visit, check out services and products and make purchases. According to reports from Forrester, 44% of website visitors say that one of the most important features of a website is the function of a live chat agent who answers questions in real time in the middle of a purchase. What’s more, is that 33% of customers have said that their purchase decisions were a result of the chat itself!

If you’re looking for a live chat service for your Insurance agency website, CommVersion’s 24-hour managed Live Chat, integrated with the state-of-the-art technology, makes it easy to engage with your visitors, nurture your leads and increase conversions. Want to talk to one of our experts? We’re just a click away!