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A strong online presence, especially a fully responsive and dynamic website has become a necessity for businesses in the Golf Industry, allowing them to directly interact with customers. With technological advancements gaining momentum in the last decade, customers are finding it increasingly more convenient to make inquiries and bookings online, rather than doing so in person or even via the phone.

However, as customers begin to turn to the internet to get more information and use websites to make their bookings, a lack of personalised support means that they are spending several hours trying to find the right club for them, often ending up frustrated with the limited information available online. The integration of a real time customer support service such as Live Chat, deals with this challenge effectively, providing prospective customers with the answers they need to make a decision.

CommVersion has been working with different businesses across the Golf Industry. Commversion provides Live Chat support to PlayMoreGolf,  the first flexible golf membership linking individual golf clubs across the United Kingdom under one membership. Our Live Chat agents have been extremely successful in helping this business increase their memberships, as well as providing stellar customer support to clients who come to the website with inquiries. CommVersion’s 24/7 Live Chat support allows Play More Golf to promote their offers directly on the website in real time to prospective clients, thus increasing conversions. One of the features of Live Chat that really sets it apart from other forms of customer service is that it provides real time solutions in an efficient manner. PlayMoreGolf often has discount or coupon codes they want to share with potential customers. Our Live Chat agents share this information with interested visitors in real time, thus increasing conversions. Customers who are at the brink of making a decision are much more likely to convert if offered a discount while they are in the process of making a selection.

CommVersion has also partnered with Golf Tourism England,  the membership body that represents the golf tourism industry in England, which has been setup to promote England as a major golf destination. By providing Live Chat on their website, we assist them to get partnership deals with members in the UK i.e. those directly involved with the delivery of all or part of a golf tourism package (i.e. a golf course, resort, hotel, etc).

Furthermore,  we provide Live Chat support on The Open Golf’s  Hospitality webpages. Our Live Chat agents are available to address customer queries 24/7, assisting them with everything from booking hospitality packages to answering their questions and providing details not easily available on the website. Although most websites these days are equipped with a FAQ section, it is not adequate in providing the kind of information that a real chat agent can offer in an actual conversation. To give you an example, when CommVersion was commissioned with the task of helping The Open meet their booking targets for the Open Championship in 2017, we had clients who wanted to know whether or not the venue was equipped for a helicopter landing to whether they could bring their pets along to the event. These kinds of specific requests and questions can be efficiently and painlessly dealt with via our online chat software.

Each customer feels they are being treated with the attention they deserve, thus increasing the likelihood of quicker conversions.

For all of these different Golf related businesses, our Live Chat service has helped to increase leads, provide support to the company’s sales team by sharing relevant lead information and ensure customers are never left waiting or unattended.

With customers being very selective about where they choose to become members, how do you increase the chances of people choosing your Golf Club? One sure way is via CommVersion’s Live Chat: a powerful customer support and lead generation service that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the Golf Industry.

Adding a human touch to your online customer support

Imagine a large group of interested customers entering your Golf Club, but finding no one at the reception desk. This is undoubtedly every business owner’s biggest nightmare; the possibility of losing out on interested clients simply because your customer support or client servicing wasn’t up to the mark.

Your website is the online representation of your business and as such it is the first touch point for people who prefer to use the internet in their search for the ideal Golf Club.

By integrating Live Chat on your website, your potential members will receive excellent customer service within seconds of interacting with your business, thus largely improving chances of conversions. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have someone available 24/7 to answer all their queries and questions? With more and more people visiting websites over the weekend or after office hours, CommVersion’s Live Chat service is the perfect solution to engage with potential customers around the clock, even out of business hours and on holidays.

In fact, research indicates that live chat has the highest customer satisfaction levels at 73%, as compared to 61% for email support and only 44% for traditional phone support.

Increase leads by 40%

Commversion’s Live Chat service has been extremely successful in helping businesses increase leads and convert website visitors into customers. Our live chat service has led to lead conversions of 40% and most of our clients have seen a significant benefit to their lead generation after partnering with us.