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Buying a property is a common dream that is shared by many. The reason why people dream of this all their lives is because purchasing a property is not an easy decision to make. One look at the ever-escalating prices in the real estate industry and you will realise how tough the decision can be, although there are other factors apart from price that need to be considered as well. Since, this is such an important decision, it makes sense if people gather all information regarding the purchase and do a thorough check on the same. This is where Live chat helps, and hence, we are seeing an increase in the number of companies in the real estate sector that are offering Live chat on their websites.

To analyse the needs of the customer and to serve them better, it is important to look at their areas of concern and doubts when it comes to purchasing property. A major advantage of having Live chat is that it transcends time zones. If potential clients require information after working hours, or, if visitors are based in a different time zone, then at times calling directly could pose obvious problems. With Live chat, this could be eliminated and they can happily speak to a real person 24/7, as per convenience. Here are a few common questions that are often encountered in Live chat from visitors on real estate websites.

  1. Advantages of the Location: Apart from being the most obvious question in the decision-making process of purchasing a property, this question is also one of the most important ones and needs to be handled carefully. Considering the amount of money involved, the buyer must be convinced of the advantages that the location offers, to be convinced to spend a huge amount. To answer this question, one must also understand the needs and requirements of the buyer. For some proximity to schools would be a must for their children while for others, access to dining and entertainment options might be a priority. Depending on the need of the visitor, these are amongst the most commonly asked questions that chat operators receive while handling a live chat.
  2. Requesting a site visit: A common requirement of visitors online while browsing through a website is the need to arrange a site visit. Buyers always insist on viewing the property to get a good idea in terms of what the property offers. With Live chat, the chat operator can schedule a site visit for the visitors or can pass on the message to the concerned agent who can call them and schedule a visit as per their liking. Without Live chat, visitors would be required to fill a form online and hope for someone to contact them soon. Furthermore, the experience of talking to a real person in real time would enhance their experience and can have a positive impact on them.
  3. Flexible payment terms: For the average buyer, the very thought of spending a humongous amount at one go may send shivers down their spine. This is where they ask various questions relating to the modes of payment while making a purchase. From making payments in one go to asking for loans, if any that might be provided. Their queries could include questions on financial institutions apart from banks that may provide loans.
  4. Sharing images that are not on the portal: Live chat provides the advantage of engaging the visitor in real time. This can help in passing the right message to the visitors as per their requirements, which eventually helps in winning trust. There are times when they might ask for brochures or images of properties that might not be available on the website. To share this with them, as well as solve their query in real time; Live chat plays a major role. If further support is required a call can be arranged. Before calling, the agents have a good idea of the queries involved and this allows them to be well prepared which would further enhance a potential customer’s satisfaction.

For the real estate sector, Live chat provides an excellent opportunity for potential buyers to clear their queries before making the most important purchase decision of their lives. Not surprisingly, at Commversion, up to 40% of all Live chats convert into qualified leads. At £ 10 a lead it literally costs peanuts when you consider the advantages it brings along.

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