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When it comes to promoting your real estate business, there’s little that comes close to being as effective as digital marketing. The competition is intense and with marketing strategies becoming more and more complex, it is becoming increasingly challenging to be able to stand apart from the rest. The idea is to build a credible online presence that becomes your spokesperson on the world wide web – as that is the very tool that the consumers are reaching out to in order to connect with whom they assess as being the best.

We bring the latest digital marketing tips to help you build and leverage your online presence and convert visitors to valuable leads.

1. Spruce up your website and optimise it with the correct keywords

You need to make sure your website is eye-catching and interesting enough to capture and sustain the attention of the visitor. Highlight your strengths and add information that is going to interest viewers. Think from the buyers’ perspective and how you can add value to their real estate requirements. You could also embed high-quality photos and videos of your listings. Ensure that you keep updating these, so your website consistently wears a fresh, dynamic look

Another area you need to focus upon is to include the top search terms that your target audience is likely to use. Tools like Google Keyword Planner will provide you with industry relevant keywords optimised for your location. Using these keywords on your website wisely and in a planned manner will improve the way Google rates your site and increase the likelihood of it being ranked higher in searches.

2. Update your social media profiles and be an active participant on all networks

The whole world is connected through social media and that’s the space you need to actively use to connect with your audience and steadily build a strong rapport. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, each network has its own particular strategy. It’s important to understand how each of these channels work and then to use them to your best advantage. Social Media has immense potential and if you only know how to harness it you will soon be walking away with all the best leads, leaving your competitors far behind.

3. Create Regular Content

If you aim to attract traffic to your website, you cannot ignore the importance of adding fresh, dynamic and regular content. It could be in the form of blog posts, videos, white papers, case studies and e-books among many others. Refrain from the urge to only add posts about yourself and your own achievements. Think instead from the buyer’s standpoint and create content that is of interest to them. The content on a real estate website should, for example, also focus as much on home owners, as on home sellers, as the former might just be a few years away from selling their property.

Regular, insightful and relevant content will steadily establish you as a thought leader for your industry in the online space and create a reputation that will propel you way ahead of the competition.

4. Never underestimate the power of email marketing

Studies have proven that email marketing is the channel that drives the most revenue for businesses the world over.Sending an email guarantees that it is going to be received in the recipient’s inbox. Whether or not they open it depends on how relevant the email is and the value it brings them. It’s not about spamming people from irrelevant email lists that have been bought. The best strategy is to grow and nurture visitors who come to your website and get them to subscribe to your content. It is these valuable leads that you need to communicate with on a regular basis by providing them with the latest market developments, local stories and interesting property trends.

You could make use of campaign managers such as MailChimp to send out attractive newsletters to your client base, so that you stay on top of their minds when they need your services.

5. Effective landing pages

These are your most valuable tools when it comes to building a database of potential clients. A landing page is a webpage that speaks to a specific audience and has content geared specially for them. Users can be directed to your landing page from social media links, organic searches or even blog posts that contain a “call to action” to visit the landing page. The purpose of landing pages is to provide the prospects with some important piece of information that is of value to them in exchange for their contact details – usually an email address. By doing this you are leading them further down the buyer’s journey and also building your database with the most relevant leads.

Make sure to use an attention-grabbing headline, an attractive image and some really crisp content. The information that you are going to offer them in return for their contact details must be as interesting and valuable as promised, so that it enables a relationship of trust and lays a foundation for future interaction.

6. Participate in Linkedin Groups

Just having a LinkedIn profile for your real estate business is not enough. You need to create a showcase page on which you can post real estate listings and also add links to your blog or to any offers you might want to drive visitors’ attention to.

Next, you need to search for potential leads by connecting with old contacts, searching through your network of colleagues, or looking for members of relevant organisations. Create and join real estate groups and initiate and participate in relevant discussions which would help showcase your business. Go through members of these communities and take a look at their profiles. Capitalise on every opportunity to connect with them if you think they seem to be a good fit as a prospective lead. Post regular content on LinkedIn’s publishing platform that will help flaunt your expertise and your strengths. The idea is to use LinkedIn to share, engage and connect in order to grow your network.

7. Create Videos and 3D Real Estate Listings 

Give potential buyers a glimpse into your listings by uploading videos on YouTube and then sharing the same on your other social media channels. Creating new videos on a regular basis and then embedding them into your website is a great way to keep it looking dynamic and interactive.

8. Invest in Digital/Programmatic Advertising

As with everything else, advertising too has evolved and hence the need to keep pace with the latest trends. It’s really no longer about static billboards, print ads, radio and television. Digital advertising enables marketers to reach out to their core audiences in the most innovative ways and with far greater precision.

Some examples of digital advertising are Google’s Search and Display network. Use Google Adwords to target your potential clientele, so that you appear in search results or on relevant webpages frequented by your desired audience. Programmatic advertising entails tracking consumer behaviour on the web and using these metrics to place ads at the right sites at the right time, thus maximizing the probability of them reaching your prospective buyers. One of the greatest advantages of programmatic advertising is that it allows advertisers to amend their campaigns based on the data gathered. It is therefore proving to be one of the most powerful and effective tools to be able to identify leads and connect with them

 9. Live Chat

Much like you take great care to welcome and usher in customers who visit your office, you need to extend the same courtesy to your website audience too. Add live chat functionality to your website so that you can pro-actively connect with onsite visitors and provide them with answers to their queries in real time. This minimises the possibility of visitors leaving your site without having fulfilled their objective and enhances the chances of converting them into potential customers. Live chat ensures that you don’t miss out on any opportunities and looks after your website audiences by adding the personal touch of human interaction on a virtual space.

To find out more about the advantages of live chat and about how to incorporate it seamlessly into your real estate digital marketing strategy, get in touch with us by clicking here