Lead generation during the lockdown in real estate, movers and packers and the healthcare industry

Lead generation during the Covid 19 lockdown across three industry verticals

The emergence of pandemic led to drastic changes in the way businesses functioned all around the world. Due to the lockdown, restrictions in communication led to businesses grappling to connect with prospects and converting them into leads. This led to an increased urgency for the shift from offline to digital communication, and while some businesses […]

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Tonic Weight Loss increased their web leads in the current covid-19 pandemic

Tonic Weight Loss Surgery increases their web leads by 187% in the current COVID-19 Pandemic

Initiated back in February, the COVID-19 Lockdown rendered many businesses dysfunctional. In the face of such adversity, many had to succumb to the setbacks and shut down due to the inability to function in a newly emerging system that eliminated the possibility of face to face interactions, consultations, and more. Tonic Weight Loss Surgery is […]

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10 Best Live Chat Software of 2020

Compare 10 Best Live Chat Software of 2020 For Your Business

February 17, 2020 | By | Live Chat

Experts from the service industry believe that live chat is expected to grow by as much as 87% in the next 12-18 months. The reason for this increased adoption is that live chat, which ticks important boxes like quick response times and satisfactory solutions to queries, is now the preferred communication channel for many customers. […]

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Instant Connect for Live Chat

Take your live chat service to the next level with Instant Connect

April 15, 2020 | By | Live Chat, Marketing

At CommVersion, we are already helping over two hundred businesses improve their online return on investment with our live chat services. We achieve this by converting up to fifty percent of live chats with website visitors into hot leads. Now, with Instant Connect, clients can transform the way they prospect a qualified lead by closing […]

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Outsourcing Live chat improves the customer experience

How Outsourcing Your Live Chat Service Can Improve The Customer Experience

October 24, 2019 | By | Live Chat

With 97% of global consumers saying customer service is important in their choice of a brand, businesses must work meticulously towards providing a consistently flawless service if they want to win and retain customers. Studies also show that customers whose queries are solved quickly and easily, are more likely to become loyal over time. These […]

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