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If you have been in business for a while now, you will know the importance of live chat. Today, most business websites would not be the same without a fully integrated live chat support functionality.

On a broader level, live chat helps your business convert up to 50% more leads, by providing users with more information and keeping them hooked onto your website. This helps convert your prospective visitors into successful buyers. We all know that by now. But why do technology companies specifically need live chat on their business websites? What’s beyond the instant messaging, answering queries and prompt resolutions to problems?

Whether you are a technology vendor, software or solutions provider, or any other business under the tech umbrella, your business objective is clear. You are there to make your clients’ and customers’ life easier. Then, would you expect them to go through the painstaking process of making a call, waiting in line for their query to be resolved? Or worse, make them fill up a contact form and wait for your service support to call back?

This is where your technology business will benefit from live chat support – it not only helps in boosting conversion rates, but also ensures your customers’ queries are immediately identified and resolved.

Benefits of Live Chat for Technology Companies

1. Live chat support integrated into your business site can help you connect better with your prospective clients. By sharing live screens with your site visitors, you can provide a product demo instantly, without getting into the loop of connecting later. This not only helps you promote your product directly, but also allows you to generate feedback from your users in real-time.

2. Once you have successfully converted your prospects into regular clients, your website live-chat support can work as an after-sales support method. Your chat agents can run your clients through the user dashboard and the software functionality. This eliminates the need for lengthy face-to-face meetings with your clients and enables you to serve across borders.

3. If you are running a SAAS website, and you have different but complex pricing models, your live chat software can help you explain each model to your clients. By finding out individual client requirements through a chat conversation, your agents can recommend a suitable price plan suitable to their business needs.

4. Another value-add that live chat can give your website is to offer clients discounts in real-time. When your visitors are scouting your website for the right product/service, you can extend a time-bound offer via discount coupons. This enables the users to sign up immediately, by using the discount vouchers.

For technology companies, integrating live chat into the business website can take service quality to a whole new level. To get more insights into how an efficient live chat service can help you generate more leads while keeping you ahead of your competitors, talk to our chat experts today.