We are about conversations; conversations that engage, conversations that make your customer feel connected to your brand. We ensure your website visitors get the complete attention they deserve and require, so you get qualified leads and can turn them into customers.

Given our years of digital marketing experience, we understand the agony of the new-age marketer. It is counterproductive to invest a hefty share of your media spends on driving traffic to your website and not get the ROI you expected. It’s like spending money on marketing to build footfall to your retail store and then not employing sales people to engage with potential customers walking in.

We transform your brand by extending its presence deep into your customer’s decision making process with the right engagement. Our conversations convert your brand into an experience, driven by real time behavioural data which drives relevance.

Our 24-hour live chat, integrated with the best technology and efficient man power,
enables you to reduce your PPC spends, get better consumer insights, nurture your leads and convert them to end users.

Colm Hannon

Co- Founder & Chairman

Asif Rizvi

Co-Founder & CEO

Shobhit Patil

Co-Founder & CMO

Vaughan Owen

Executive Director

Rohit Bharwani

Assistant Manager

Eamonn Gallagher

Business Development Manager