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Have you considered Live Chat for your business website to increase your sales and improve customer retention? But, how exactly can this service benefit your business?

Imagine this –

You feel like indulging in a scrumptious feast. So, you search the best restaurants near you on Google. Once you have a list of names, you decide upon a restaurant. You head out of your house and navigate your way to that restaurant. When you reach, there is no one to usher you in. “That’s a minus point,” you think. You find yourself a nice place to sit. However, there is no one to run you through the specials or provide you with any assistance. Minus points again. How would you feel at such a place? Disappointed? Frustrated? Helpless?

Now think of your website visitors. Visitors land on your company’s website with high hopes and expectations of a great user experience. And if they don’t get what they are looking for, you can wave those visitors goodbye. This is where Live Chat can be of great use providing guidance to visitors, at any stage of the website journey- all in real-time.

Why Live Chat?

Customers’ expectations of ‘customer service’ have changed, and businesses need to match up to that level. When a business is able to cater to the customer needs before, during and after a purchase, they create a striking experience for them. So, how can Live Chat help?

Customer convenience

“44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Website can offer” – Making Proactive Chat Work, Forrester Research.

The age-old customer care caller tone is definitely not music to your customers’ ears. Welcome the new age customer in a manner they are comfortable with- instant messaging. In case of any doubts or queries, your website visitors are not kept stuck in call waiting. Nor do they need to go through the tedious IVR process. Being available 24/7, businesses are more likely to address their concerns and queries in real-time, thus cementing their relationship with potential and existing customers.

Competitive advantage

The number of competitors and the nature of competition keeps changing every day irrespective of their industry vertical. Don’t you think it’s important to stand out and differentiate your brand from others?

Live Chat is an important tool to differentiate your business from your competitors. The 24/7 online customer demands constant attention. Even though every second website have Chat services installed, businesses are relatively slow in adopting the efficacy of Live Chat. This gives you an advantage over other players to capture more leads by availing 24/7X365 real-time chat and turn your website visitors into qualified customers.

So, if you want to have an edge over your competitors, you know what you need to opt for to better their experience.

Higher sales

“Almost 62% of internet consumers said they would purchase more products online if live customer support were available” – Andersen Consulting poll

Live chat service can guide your website visitors towards certain products or services, influence their purchase decision, and reduce cart abandonment rate. When consumers need assistance before they proceed further, the likelihood of them making a phone call or writing an email is quite low. This is where Live Chat bridges the gap with its immediacy. By initiating a conversation at the point of purchase, Live Chat can turn cart abandonment to qualified purchase, thus reducing your CAR by 11%.

Deeper customer relations

“62% of the respondents reported being more likely to purchase from the site again” –  Emarketer survey

It is no rocket-science that customer retention is vital for long term business growth. Customers re-visiting your website are likely to spend more, refer your business to their contacts and do business with you in future. Live Chat can help develop long-term relationships because you showcase that your company truly cares about customers’ feedback and convenience. And when customers feel that they are being heard, they end up having a stronger connection to your business.

Identify customer pain points

Traditional methods like mail and telephone make it difficult to identify pain points. So, ever wondered how you can identify such common issues and convert them into profit?

Live Chat provides immediate access to these pain points. How? Live Chat provides you with chat transcripts and statistics to help you identify trends and understand what is and isn’t working for your business. You also get to know what opinions your customers have about you. Furthermore, Live Chat helps your company become more agile in delivering insights and customer care.

Think conversions, think Live Chat

Your website is a core part of your business, so is involving your website visitors. CommVersion’s 24-hour Live Chat, integrated with the state-of-the-art technology, enables you to engage with your visitors, nurture your leads and increase conversions. Click here to get started!